Canon and Law


Canon noun - A collection or system of rules of conduct.
Usage example: the ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility is a lawyer's canon
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Synonyms for Canon

Law is a synonym for canon in rule topic. In some cases you can use "Law" instead a noun "Canon", when it comes to topics like principle, demand, command. popular alternative

Nearby Words: canonical, canonization, canonize


Law noun - A rule of conduct or action laid down by a governing authority and especially a legislature.
Usage example: a record number of laws were passed in that legislative session

Canon is a synonym for law in principle topic. You can use "Canon" instead a noun "Law", if it concerns topics such as demand, society, standard, command. popular alternative

Nearby Words: lawful, lawless, laws, lawfulness, lawfully

How words are described

old old canon old law
special special canon special law
current current canon current law
original original canon original law
Other adjectives: single, actual, real, little, strict, main, early, religious, general, official, basic, written, recent, modern, existing.

Both words in one sentence

  • Chaotic Good His canon was never developed, aside from Word of God stating he joined the Rangers "reluctantly." Fanon tends to go with the theory that he wasn't always on the "good" side of the law.
    Source: Chaotic Good
  • Manga / The Law of Ueki While not explicit in the anime (although there are are a few subtle Ship Tease moments) it is made clearer in the manga and becomes fully canon by the end of the sequel series, The Law of Ueki Plus.
  • Alternate Universe In canon Mass Effect, this never happened, and even during the trilogy the law against opening relays was still upheld.
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