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Capital adjective – Coming before all others in importance.
Usage example: the capital goal of the effort is to assimilate the new immigrants

Major is a synonym for capital in comparison topic. In some cases you can use "Major" instead an adjective "Capital", when it comes to topics like principal, serious, main, important.
Nearby Words: capitally, capitalize, capitalist, capitalise, capitalization
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Major adjective – Sufficiently large in size, amount, or number to merit attention.
Capital is a synonym for major in comparison topic. You can use "Capital" instead an adjective "Major", if it concerns topics such as serious, important, chief, greatest.
Nearby Words: majority, majored, majoring
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  • Every single capital and major city in Europe was hit by a poison gas attack, invaded, or gassed then invaded, leaving tens of millions dead there.
  • Political Geography: The country's sovereign domain and administrative divisions are explained as well any overseas territories, autonomous regions, enclaves, exclaves, border disparities, major and capital cities, as well as landmarks and other points of interest.
  • If the capital of a major country is captured that country's player can try to retake it on their next turn.
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