Capital and Metropolis


Capital noun - A thing or place that is of greatest importance to an activity or interest.

Metropolis is a synonym for capital in place topic. In some cases you can use "Metropolis" instead a noun "Capital", when it comes to topics like city of governmental seat. popular alternative


Metropolis noun - A thickly settled, highly populated area.

Capital is a synonym for metropolis in place topic. You can use "Capital" instead a noun "Metropolis", if it concerns topics such as city, major city. popular alternative

Mutual synonyms

How words are described

old old capital old metropolis
regular regular capital regular metropolis
original original capital original metropolis
entire entire capital entire metropolis
Other adjectives: real, bustling, major, ruined, former, last, thriving, modern, high-tech, populous, southern, industrial, biggest, largest, European.

Both words in one sentence

  • Crapsaccharine World The capital city of Teito is a prospering metropolis 20 Minutes into the Future, benefiting greatly from the heavy investments of MBI and generally a fantastic place to live.
  • Egopolis The result was that Rakote became the Egyptian quarter of Alexandria, a bustling multiethnic port/metropolis/royal capital.
    Source: Egopolis
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States: Largest city of Minnesota and, together with the smaller state capital Saint Paul forms the fourteenth-largest metropolis in America and largest on the Midwestern prairie.
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