Care and Disregard


Care verb - To have an interest or concern for.
Usage example: a teacher who cares what happens to her students long after they leave her classroom


Disregard verb - To ignore in a disrespectful manner.

Care is an antonym for disregard in topics: regard, ignoring.

Nearby Words: disregarded, disregarding

How words are described

human human care human disregard
usual usual care usual disregard
certain certain care certain disregard
total total care total disregard
Other adjectives: constant, great, serious, personal, general, apparent, basic.

Common collocations

sense care sense disregard sense
power care power disregard power
people care people disregard people
part care part disregard part
Other words: characters, information, rules, everyone, lives.

Both words in one sentence

  • Organ Theft In the standard version, the perps display a monstrous disregard for the victim's human rights — yet they apparently still care enough to keep them alive.
    Source: Organ Theft
  • Webanimation / Sock Series It's quickly made clear that they only care about fighting Sock, with complete disregard to the destruction and death they cause in the process.
  • It also explores relationships and issues that Eva fanfic writers often disregard, such like the Misato/Asuka's relationship, Misato's guilt for not having taken care of her wards properly, Asuka and Touji's relationship after the Bardiel attack...
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