Careful and Negligent


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Careful adjective – Having or showing a close attentiveness to avoiding danger or trouble.
Usage example: careful drivers slow down on slick or icy roadways

Negligent is an antonym for careful in cautious topic.
Nearby Words: care, careless, carelessly, carefully, carefulness
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Negligent adjective – Failing to give proper care and attention.
Usage example: the youngster has been woefully negligent in taking care of the vacationing neighbor's dog, repeatedly forgetting to feed the poor animal

Careful is an antonym for negligent in careless topic.
Nearby Words: neglect, negligence, neglectful, negligently
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Similar words of negligent
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Things that words describes

choice careful choice negligent choice
use careful use negligent use
act careful act negligent act
manipulation careful manipulation negligent manipulation
Other nouns: player, choices.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dramatic Dislocation In the Family Guy episode "Be Careful What You Fish For", Stewie has his arm dislocated by his negligent preschool teacher, whom Brian is dating.
  • Series / The Flash (1990) Clothing Damage: Barry has to be careful about how fast he runs out of costume (or when carrying civilians) because the wind shear from super-speed will shred their clothes (and a lot more if he's really negligent).
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