Careless and Negligent


Careless adjective - Not paying or showing close attention especially for the purpose of avoiding trouble.
Usage example: a careless mistake that caused the plane to crash

Negligent is a synonym for careless in behaviour topic. In some cases you can use "Negligent" instead an adjective "Careless", when it comes to topics like inconsiderate, derelict, shoddy, inattentive. popular alternative

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Negligent adjective - Failing to give proper care and attention.
Usage example: the youngster has been woefully negligent in taking care of the vacationing neighbor's dog, repeatedly forgetting to feed the poor animal

Careless is a synonym for negligent in inconsiderate topic. You can use "Careless" instead an adjective "Negligent", if it concerns topics such as derelict, nonchalant, forgetful, unconsidered. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • She then points out, as one of the signs that the whole endeavor is negligent and careless, that some of the decorative plants in the visitor's center are toxic to humans.
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