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Carry on

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Carry on verb – To look after and make decisions about.
Usage example: carries on a business and still manages to run the household

Keep is a synonym for carry on in continue topic. In some cases you can use "Keep" instead a verb "Carry on", when it comes to topics like conduct, sustain, manage operations. popular alternative
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Keep verb – To look after and make decisions about.
Usage example: enlisted a relative to keep the store while she was away

Carry on is a synonym for keep in continue topic. You can use "Carry on" instead a verb "Keep", if it concerns topics such as conduct, tend, sustain, preserve. popular alternative
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  • Kelso is admitted and makes sure to keep the interns assigned to treat him busy with nonsense work so he can carry on treating himself.
  • Radio / CBS Radio Mystery Theater After he dies and starts visiting his widow as a ghost, he suggests that the friend move back in with her to supposedly keep her company, when in fact he's trying to carry on the affair.
  • Nerves of Steel Interestingly, it slightly deconstructs this trope, showing just how hard it can be to keep calm and carry on.
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