Case and Fantasy


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Case noun – Something that actually exists.
Usage example: this has never been the case before

Fantasy is an antonym for case.
Nearby Words: cased, casing, casework
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Fantasy noun – A conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality.
Case is an antonym for fantasy.
Nearby Words: fantastic, fantastical, fantasize, fantasise, fantasia
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Similar words of case
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Similar words of fantasy
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How words are described

good good case good fantasy
rare rare case rare fantasy
full full case full fantasy
similar similar case similar fantasy
Other adjectives: complete, original, single, actual, real, new, later, classic, next, bizarre, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bato has the same getup and guitar case but carries fantasy Power Armor in it instead.
  • Americans Are Cowboys Played with and ultimately subverted in the case of Robert Tendyke in the German horror-fantasy-occasionally-SF series Professor Zamorra.
  • Ironwood uses this trope, although there it is mostly a case of the female genitalia of the fantasy races being compatible with human male equipment.
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