Cast and Dramatis personae


Cast noun - The actors in a play.

Dramatis personae is a synonym for cast in actors topic. In some cases you can use "Dramatis personae" instead a noun "Cast", when it comes to topics like actors in performance. popular alternative

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Dramatis personae

Dramatis personae noun - The actors in a play.

Cast is a synonym for dramatis personae. You can use "Cast" instead a noun phrase "Dramatis personae".

Both terms in one sentence

  • Video Game / Laura Bow Dramatis Personae: The first game is presented as if it is a stage play, introducing the cast this way before the start of act one.
  • Literature / Foot Fall Dramatis Personae: Pretty much anyone of any importance is listed, by their particular cast grouping, at the beginning of the novel.
  • Webcomic / The Water Phoenix King There's The Map, which has some short mythology and setting notes, Dramatis Personae pages for major and minor cast members — and that's it, except for brief comments accompanying each page as posted, and a dry, often humorous Laconic summary in the author's Twitter feed announcing a new page.
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