Casual and Planned


Casual adjective - Happening by chance.
Usage example: a casual meeting with the next-door neighbors on a beach in Hawaii

Planned is an antonym for casual in topics: chance, nonchalant.

Nearby Words: casualty, casually, casualised


Planned adjective - Designed or carried out according to a plan.
Usage example: the planned outlays for new equipment

Casual is an antonym for planned.

Nearby Words: plan, planning, planner

Both words in one sentence

  • He succeeds, but given that Felix "has a rather... casual attitude towards sex" (Mehitabel), it doesn't go as planned.
    Source: Honey Trap
  • To this day, Anti-Idle has over 13 million plays and several thousand favorites, and continues to be updated regularly.Tukkun has said that a sequel is planned.You're currently browsing on CASUAL difficulty!
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