Cause and Event


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Cause noun – Someone or something responsible for a result.
Event is an antonym for cause.
Nearby Words: caused, causation, causeless, causative, causal
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Event noun – Something that happens.
Cause is an antonym for event in topics: occurrence, performance, effect.
Nearby Words: eventual, eventful, eventuality, eventless
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Similar words of cause
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Similar words of event
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How words are described

particular particular cause particular event
common common cause common event
specific specific cause specific event
original original cause original event
Other adjectives: single, likely, actual, entire, real, big, serious, bad, key, supernatural, new, major, possible, funny, unknown, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • One episode of The Simpsons has Homer do this to Bart in order to get him to dance at a stadium event and cause him to pee himself.
  • Recursive Canon In the case of a fictional character being the cause of a real-world or alternate canon event, see Been There, Shaped History.
  • Lambdadelta can also make any event happen provided that whoever or whatever is trying to cause that event doesn't give up.
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