Celebrated and Notable


Celebrated adjective - Widely known.
Usage example: a celebrated author making an appearance on a talk show

Notable is a synonym for celebrated in knowledge topic. In some cases you can use "Notable" instead an adjective "Celebrated", when it comes to topics like eminent, renowned, distinguished, important. popular alternative


Notable adjective - Standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement.
Usage example: a panel made up of notable authorities on the virus

Celebrated is a synonym for notable in prominent topic. You can use "Celebrated" instead an adjective "Notable", if it concerns topics such as important, knowledge, famous. popular alternative

Nearby Words: noted, notably, notability, noting

Both words in one sentence

  • A less celebrated but even more notable example was on the Union right, where Union troops held on to Culp's Hillnote¬†This is the hill Trimble is venting about to Lee in Gettysburg with their fingernails against one after another attempt by the Confederates to dislodge them.
    Source: Hold the Line
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