Celebrated and Prominent


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Celebrated adjective – Widely known.
Usage example: a celebrated author making an appearance on a talk show

Prominent is a synonym for celebrated in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Prominent" instead an adjective "Celebrated", when it comes to topics like knowledge, renowned, distinguished. popular alternative
Nearby Words: celebration, celebratory, celebrating, celebrant
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Prominent adjective – Widely known.
Usage example: prominent figures in the history of sports

Celebrated is a synonym for prominent in important topic. You can use "Celebrated" instead an adjective "Prominent", if it concerns topics such as famous, characteristic, knowledge. popular alternative
Nearby Words: prominence, prominently
Synonyms for Prominent

Things that words describes

character celebrated character prominent character
writer celebrated writer prominent writer
aspect celebrated aspect prominent aspect
example celebrated example prominent example
Other nouns: artist, figures, actor, player, leaders, examples, heroes, writers.

Both words in one sentence

  • A prominent public event is taking place; maybe a celebrated theatre troupe, or the National Philharmonic Orchestra, or the World Series.
  • Though funnily enough, auteurist critics actually celebrated his films for having prominent women characters and even being quasi-Feminist, citing Rosalind Russell, Lauren Bacall and Angie Dickinson's performances in these films.
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