Celibate and Virginal


Celibate adjective - Abstaining from sexual intercourse.
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Virginal is a synonym for celibate in chaste topic. In some cases you can use "Virginal" instead an adjective "Celibate", when it comes to topics like characteristic, pure, abstaining from sexual activity. popular alternative

Nearby Word: celibacy


Virginal adjective - Never having had sexual relations.
Usage example: a virginal girl who would not permit any liberties to be taken with her body

Celibate is a synonym for virginal in chaste topic. You can use "Celibate" instead an adjective "Virginal", if it concerns topics such as characteristic. popular alternative

Nearby Words: virgin, virginity, Virginian, Virgina

Both words in one sentence

  • Perhaps he flirts deliberately because he's virginal/celibate, and has found that flirting means that people assume you have a love life, and stop asking embarrassing questions.
  • Celibate Hero The Obsidian Trilogy, written by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, features a hero who remains chaste and celibate — virginal and unmarried, respectively — for a year and a day in return for his life being saved by a unicorn.
    Source: Celibate Hero
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