Certain and Unsealed


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Certain adjective – Established irrevocably.
Unsealed is an antonym for certain.
Nearby Words: certainty, certainly
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Unsealed adjective – Not established or confirmed.
Usage example: his doom is as yet unsealed

Certain is an antonym for unsealed.
Nearby Word: unsealing
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  • As the name implies, under a certain circumstance, the sword could become unsealed to become the Infinity+1 Sword Tsumikiri J-Sword.
  • Literature / Thursday Next Cheese is Serious Business as well, though it's occasionally justified when certain cheeses can knock out a human at ten feet, or even require evacuation if their rubbersealed metal containers come unsealed.
  • Worse is that some of the ingredients to create the Unsealed Weapons, the player needs to custom order and create certain weapons to use to unseal the weapons.
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