Challenge and Decide


Challenge noun - A feeling or declaration of disapproval or dissent.

Decide is an antonym for challenge in dispute topic.


Decide verb - To come to a judgment about after discussion or consideration.

Challenge is an antonym for decide.

Nearby Words: decisive, decision, deciding, decider

Common collocations

party challenge party decide party
character challenge character decide character
position challenge position decide position
order challenge order decide order
Other words: fate, death, time, way, world, battle, leader, king, humans.

Both words in one sentence

  • Machinima / Yogscast Minecraft Series When presented with a "jumping across lava" challenge, they decide that they won't tunnel around the lava or just make a pathway across because it isn't in the spirit of the challenge.
  • Wicker visited Reaver and challenged him to an honourable shooting challenge to decide who had the greatest skill.
  • Knowing that whomever's made executive chef for that challenge has basically a 50/50 shot of being eliminated, she intentionally lost the challenge that would decide who got to be executive chef of each team.
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