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Chance noun – A favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place.
Usage example: this is my one chance to succeed

Shot is a synonym for chance in break topic. In some cases you can use "Shot" instead a noun "Chance", when it comes to topics like luck, aim, possibility, photo. informal substitute
Nearby Words: chancy, chanced, chancery, chanceful, chancing
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Shot noun – A favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place.
Usage example: we have a real shot at getting into the championship if we win this next match

Chance is a synonym for shot in attempt topic. You can use "Chance" instead a noun "Shot", if it concerns topics such as luck, turn, aim, photo. popular alternative
Synonyms for Shot

How words are described

good good chance good shot
best best chance best shot
better better chance better shot
perfect perfect chance perfect shot
Other adjectives: complete, free, single, powerful, actual, real, great, excellent, decent, final, extra, random, next, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • Short-Range Shotgun Even if it only causes a light wound, Euphoria means that they'll usually stumble and give you time for a followup shot or a chance to move to a better position.
  • Western Animation / Camp Lazlo When The Scoutmaster In The Sky allows him a second chance at getting a shot of good luck, he actually succeeds, at first.
  • Jared and Charise then attempt to get her to sleep with the Warden to fulfill their own chance of being together, but their hopes are shot down when Alice does so instead.
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