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Character noun – A written or printed mark that is meant to convey information to the reader.
Impersonation and character are semantically related in model topic. In some cases you can use "Impersonation" instead a noun "Character", when it comes to topics like role, portrayal of another.
Nearby Words: characteristic, characterize, characterless, characterization, characterized
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Impersonation noun – Pretending to be another person.
Character and impersonation are semantically related in model topic. Sometimes you can use "Character" instead a noun "Impersonation", if it concerns topics such as people, role.
Nearby Words: impersonate, impersonal, impersonator, impersonated, impersonally
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How words are described

old old character old impersonation
good good character good impersonation
female female character female impersonation
best best character best impersonation
Other adjectives: actual, serious, bad, new, heroic, last, recurring.

Both words in one sentence

  • Seuss estate rejected him, but then Carrey broke out of that character and did a Grinch impersonation that got him the role.
  • Genius Bonus In this kid's movie, as he (who's voicing the titular character) is being chased by the Wickersham Brothers, he randomly does an impersonation of... Henry Kissinger, of all people.
    Source: Genius Bonus
  • Your Costume Needs Work Another episode had a Buckwheat impersonator, portrayed by Murphy (who had spoofed the character to massive critical acclaim until he had the character assassinated because people were requesting it too much), being told his impersonation was subpar.
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