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Character noun – A written or printed mark that is meant to convey information to the reader.
Usage example: the pictorial characters of the ancient Egyptians had long been a mystery

Symbol is a synonym for character in mark topic. In some cases you can use "Symbol" instead a noun "Character", when it comes to topics like sign, object, publishing, letter. popular alternative
Nearby Words: characteristic, characterize, characterless, characterization, characterized
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Symbol noun – A written or printed mark that is meant to convey information to the reader.
Usage example: the symbol ¶ indicates where a new paragraph should begin

Character is a synonym for symbol in sign topic. You can use "Character" instead a noun "Symbol", if it concerns topics such as mark, object, publishing, representation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: symbolic, symbolized, symbolism, symbolical, symbolised
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How words are described

old old character old symbol
good good character good symbol
female female character female symbol
special special character special symbol
Other adjectives: particular, similar, certain, prominent, popular, powerful, real, male, evil, black, main, important, famous, new, major, primary, different, recurring, said, iconic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / RedLetterMedia Before the PT, Darth Vader was an iconic character and a symbol of the Empire, formerly a good man gone bad, but only one aspect of a larger story.
  • Symbol Swearing In the Disney movie Wreck It Ralph A character named Q-bert uses symbol swearing when Ralph bumps into him or when Fix it Felix talks to him by using symbol swearing.
  • Heart Symbol In The Mask, the living-cartoon title character has his heart-symbol pounding out of his chest when watching Cameron Diaz's character sing at a nightclub.
    Source: Heart Symbol
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