Charity and Malevolence


Charity noun - Kind, gentle, or compassionate treatment especially towards someone who is undeserving of it.
Usage example: can't you show a little charity to a guy who's the first to admit he's not perfect?

Malevolence is an antonym for charity in topics: kindness, generosity.

Nearby Words: charitable, charily, Charita


Malevolence noun - The desire to cause pain for the satisfaction of doing harm.
Usage example: only mindless malevolence would explain this cruel vandalism

Charity is an antonym for malevolence.

Nearby Words: malevolent, malevolently

How words are described

true true charity true malevolence
genuine genuine charity genuine malevolence
actual actual charity actual malevolence
real real charity real malevolence
Other adjectives: little, personal, greater, occasional.
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