Chaste and Pure


Chaste adjective - Free from any trace of the coarse or indecent.
Usage example: as one would expect, the minister's small talk is always chaste, even though he likes a joke as much as the next person

Pure is a synonym for chaste in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Pure" instead an adjective "Chaste", when it comes to topics like good, state, character trait, seemly. popular alternative

Nearby Words: chastise, chastened, chastity, chastely


Pure adjective - Free from any trace of the coarse or indecent.
Usage example: the humor in the movie is as pure and wholesome as any parent could wish

Chaste is a synonym for pure in characteristic topic. You can use "Chaste" instead an adjective "Pure", if it concerns topics such as good, state, seemly, innocent. popular alternative

Nearby Words: purify, purity, purely

Both words in one sentence

  • But he is pure and chaste and innocent, and also is completely unaware of how old he is.
  • Manga / Rosario + Vampire Ruby, especially during Tsukune's training with Belmont... Subverted with Kurumu; despite her pretenses of sexual confidence and aggressiveness (coupled with Horny Devils), she's very chaste and pure-hearted with endearingly innocent views on love.
  • The survivor being a chaste and pure character is something that has occurred with the Flanderization of the genre.
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