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Chaste adjective – Free from any trace of the coarse or indecent.
Usage example: as one would expect, the minister's small talk is always chaste, even though he likes a joke as much as the next person

Virginal is a synonym for chaste in pure topic. In some cases you can use "Virginal" instead the word "Chaste" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like characteristic, good, state. popular alternative
Nearby Words: chastise, chastened, chastity, chastely
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Virginal adjective – Never having had sexual relations.
Usage example: a virginal girl who would not permit any liberties to be taken with her body

Chaste is a synonym for virginal in characteristic topic. You can use "Chaste" instead an adjective "Virginal", if it concerns topics such as good, state, pure, innocent. popular alternative
Nearby Words: virgin, virginity, Virginian, Virgina
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Things that words describes

girl chaste girl virginal girl
woman chaste woman virginal woman
girlfriend chaste girlfriend virginal girlfriend
lady chaste lady virginal lady
Other nouns: maiden, boy, member, wife, world, paragon, nun, daughter, women, templar, girls.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Tortall Universe aka: Tortall Numair, Jon, and Rosto are 'playboys,' but few of the major characters are chaste or virginal after the age of sixteen.
  • Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains In Saint Seiya Saintia Sho it's emphasized the dichotomy between the Saintia - chaste, pure and virginal - and the Eris's follower, depicted in attitudes and poses sexy along with her servants.
  • A "good" character (particularly if female) will either be a virgin or (if not virginal) at least chaste, and will likely cover up more.
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