Cheery and Happy


Cheery adjective - Having or showing a good mood or disposition.
Usage example: a cheery grin on the host of the holiday party

Happy is a synonym for cheery in cheerful topic. In some cases you can use "Happy" instead an adjective "Cheery", when it comes to topics like feeling, jaunty, jolly, joyous. popular alternative


Happy adjective - Experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight.
Usage example: made bread for the first time and was happy with the tasty result

Cheery is a synonym for happy in jaunty topic. You can use "Cheery" instead an adjective "Happy", if it concerns topics such as contented, joyous, joyful, blithesome. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • Music / VIXX They never go back completely happy and cheery after On and On, if their song sounds cheery and upbeat, don't be fooled, there HAS to be something creepy or sad in the lyric.
    Source: Music / VIXX
  • Film / Apollo 13 Stepford Smiler: The wives of the astronauts are very aware they should conceal their fears and put on a happy and cheery face for the media.
  • The music hides an incredibly eerie undertone in an otherwise happy and cheery music.
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