Chink and Gap


Chink noun - An irregular usually narrow break in a surface created by pressure.
Usage example: plugged the chinks in the walls with mortar
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Synonyms for Chink

Gap is a synonym for chink in opening topic. In some cases you can use "Gap" instead a noun "Chink".

Nearby Words: chin, chinked, chinking


Gap noun - An open space in a barrier (as a wall or hedge).
Usage example: there were several visible gaps in the wall where the drywall had pulled away from the wall framing

Chink is a synonym for gap in opening topic. You can use "Chink" instead a noun "Gap".

Nearby Words: gape, gapped, gaping, gapping

How words are described

visible visible chink visible gap
little little chink little gap
tiny tiny chink tiny gap
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