Choice and Luscious


Choice adjective - Having qualities that appeal to a refined taste.

Luscious is a synonym for choice in delectable topic. In some cases you can use "Luscious" instead an adjective "Choice", when it comes to topics like tasty.

Nearby Word: choicely


Luscious adjective - Very pleasing to the sense of taste.
Usage example: a luscious strawberry bursting with juice

Choice is a synonym for luscious in delicious topic. Sometimes you can use "Choice" instead an adjective "Luscious", if it concerns topics such as quality, dainty, delectable, tasty.

Nearby Word: lusciously

Both words in one sentence

  • Credits Gag Luscious Jackson's Electric Honey included band member endorsements for their instrument brands of choice.
    Source: Credits Gag
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