Choose and Single


Choose verb - To decide to accept (someone or something) from a group of possibilities.
Usage example: choose a computer that best suits your needs

Single is a synonym for choose in choice topic. In some cases you can use "Single" instead a verb "Choose".

Nearby Words: choosy, choosing, choosey, chooser


Single verb - Hit a single.

Choose is a synonym for single in action topic. You can use "Choose" instead a verb "Single", if it concerns topics such as choice.

Nearby Words: singleness, singly, singled

Both words in one sentence

  • Choose "no," and you'll later discover that he made the same choice against a similar foe, and every single one of the participants except him died.
  • Video Game / FusionFall Instead of being an MMO platformer like FusionFall, it's an overhead 3D action game ala Diablo with both a single player and online multiplayer opponent that lets you choose between various Cartoon Network heroes and take them into combat.
  • Married to the Job Given the choice between family and business, the film's Corrupt Corporate Executives choose the business every single time.
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