Churl and Lout


Churl noun - An awkward or simple person especially from a small town or the country.
Usage example: as far as he was concerned, anyone from outside the city was a backwater churl

Lout is a synonym for churl in boor topic. In some cases you can use "Lout" instead a noun "Churl", when it comes to topics like yokel. popular alternative

Nearby Words: churlish, churlishness, churlishly


Lout noun - A big clumsy often slow-witted person.
Usage example: watch where you're going, you big lout!

Churl is a synonym for lout in boor topic. You can use "Churl" instead a noun "Lout", if it concerns topics such as oaf, yokel. popular alternative

Nearby Word: loutish
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