Clear and Doubtful


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Clear adjective – Having or showing a mind free from doubt.
Usage example: I need to be absolutely clear about what you're saying

Doubtful is an antonym for clear in certain topic.
Nearby Words: clean, cleared, clearly, clearing, clearness
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Doubtful adjective – Giving good reason for being doubted, questioned, or challenged.
Usage example: the election results were highly doubtful, so an investigation was begun

Clear is an antonym for doubtful in topics: questionable, not believing.
Nearby Words: doubt, doubtless, doubting, doubtfulness, doubted
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  • Although it's doubtful that Shakespeare had any qualms about writing a villainous Jewish character, Shylock has a clear motivation for his actions and articulately defends his point of view.
  • Mayfly-December Romance It's fairly clear Buffy never intended anything other than a sexual relationship with Spike, and highly doubtful Spike would have thought of the issue at all.
  • While it's clear she's being set up to be the main character, it's doubtful that Lucasfilm were trying to get search interest in Ridley to be five times as big as that in Boyega.
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