Clear and Dull


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Clear adjective – Giving off or reflecting much light.
Usage example: spermaceti candles were once highly prized for the clear flame that they produced

Dull is an antonym for clear in topics: bright, clean, open, obscure, cloudless.
Nearby Words: clean, cleared, clearly, clearing, clearness
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Dull adjective – Covered over by clouds.
Usage example: dull skies plagued most of our vacation days at the beach

Clear is an antonym for dull in topics: not sharp, drab, unintelligent, boring, insensitive.
Nearby Words: dullness, dulling, dulled, dully, dullish
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Similar words of clear
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Similar words of dull
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Things that words describes

man clear man dull man
way clear way dull way
blue clear blue dull blue
voice clear voice dull voice
Other nouns: version, skin.

Common collocations

impression clear impression dull impression
mind clear mind dull mind
minds clear minds dull minds

Both words in one sentence

  • A dull, blurred feeling that I’d had since this whole mess began, all of a sudden crystal clear.
  • Arranged Marriage It's clear that they love each other, but he thinks he's too dull for her and wants to study abroad so he can become more worldly, and she's hurt because he made the decision without consulting her.
  • Creator / Mamoru Oshii Dull Surprise: A often criticism of some of his animated work suffering from a clear lack of emotion on all of the characters faces.
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