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Close adjective – Giving or sharing as little as possible.
Usage example: the kind of folks who are very close when charity calls

Generous is an antonym for close in topics: mean, intimate, accurate, dense, oppressive.
Nearby Words: closed, closeness, closing, closely, closure
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Generous adjective – Giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation.
Usage example: a civic leader who is very generous with his money and time

Close is an antonym for generous.
Nearby Words: generosity, generously
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Similar words of generous
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Things that words describes

person close person generous person
people close people generous people
range close range generous range
shot close shot generous shot

Both words in one sentence

  • Fake Platform The time you have to move off is so close to instantaneous that to call them Temporary Platforms would be being generous.
    Source: Fake Platform
  • Manhwa / Flight Highschool Which means... The way Su-35 sneaks up, touches E-737's radomes inappropriately, and gets uncomfortably close is rather...suggestive, to be generous about it.
  • Film / Speed Racer After Speed rejects Royalton's outrageously generous but sell-out deal, (something which became a Hannibal Lecture when he realised he wasn't getting what he wanted) 10-year-old Spritle gives Royalton the finger right when the elevators close!
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