Close and Institute


Close verb - To position (something) so as to prevent passage through an opening.

Institute is an antonym for close.

Nearby Words: closed, closeness, closing, closely, closure


Institute verb - To be responsible for the creation and early operation or use of.
Usage example: Elizabeth Cady Stanton is generally credited with instituting the women's-rights movement in 1848

Close is an antonym for institute in begin topic.

How words are described

high high close high institute
powerful powerful close powerful institute
actual actual close actual institute
extreme extreme close extreme institute
Other adjectives: ominous, soviet, oldest.

Common collocations

system close system institute system
powers close powers institute powers

Both words in one sentence

  • Eye Catch Seasons 2 through the Joel episodes of season 5 would also have eyecatches featuring close-up shots of Gizmonic Institute.
    Source: Eye Catch
  • Video Game / Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness On top of this, the research institute that studies magic is almost jarringly technologically advanced compared to almost every other place visited prior (which kept pretty close to the typical medieval fantasy setting).
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