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Coarse adjective – Lacking in refinement or good taste.
Usage example: the hockey player's coarse manners turned his date off completely

Rude is a synonym for coarse in uncouth topic. In some cases you can use "Rude" instead an adjective "Coarse", when it comes to topics like behaviour, courtesy, barbarous, uncultured. vulgar substitute
Nearby Words: coarseness, coarsened, coarsely, coarsening
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Rude adjective – Lacking in refinement or good taste.
Usage example: a comedian who uses a lot of rude language in his nightclub act

Coarse is a synonym for rude in uncouth topic. You can use "Coarse" instead an adjective "Rude", if it concerns topics such as courtesy, crude, disrespectful, barbarous. vulgar substitute
Nearby Words: rudeness, rudely
Synonyms for Rude

Things that words describes

manner coarse manner rude manner
character coarse character rude character
man coarse man rude man
individual coarse individual rude individual
Other nouns: woman, nature, way, personality, language, words, jerk, insult, side, behavior, slob.

Both words in one sentence

  • Sanjuro Kuwabatake in the film Yojimbo is coarse, rude and mean, yet it doesn't stop him from doing the right thing.
  • Good Is Not Nice Levi, the World's Strongest Man, in Attack on Titan is incredibly rude, coarse and insulting to many people around him and is rumored to be an infamous thug when he was younger.
  • Naturally, Meryl Silverburgh is surprised when Snake turns out to be rather coarse, rude and disdaining of her combat ability, as well as rather unhappy that he's involved in the mission to begin with.
    Source: Warts and All
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