Coddle and Spoil


Coddle verb - To treat with great or excessive care.
Usage example: accused the judiciary of coddling criminals

Spoil is a synonym for coddle in pamper topic. In some cases you can use "Spoil" instead a verb "Coddle", when it comes to topics like indulge, action, baby, treat well. popular alternative

Nearby Words: coddled, coddling


Spoil verb - To treat with great or excessive care.
Usage example: when they were newlyweds, the wife tended to spoil her husband, but she soon got over that

Coddle is a synonym for spoil in pamper topic. You can use "Coddle" instead a verb "Spoil", if it concerns topics such as baby, overindulge, action, indulge. popular alternative

Nearby Words: spoiled, spoiling, spoilage, spoilt, spoiler

Common collocations

people coddle people spoil people
child coddle child spoil child

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / God Bless America It's indirectly addressed, but it's a big Take That towards the "helicopter parents" that have emerged in The '80s that coddle and spoil their children.
  • They spoil and coddle the rare boys, who as a result will be emotionally open and trusting, but teach the girls to mistrust everyone and search for weapons before hugging anyone.
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