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Colors noun – A distinguishing emblem.
Standard is a synonym for colors in banner topic. In some cases you can use "Standard" instead a noun "Colors".
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Standard noun – A piece of cloth with a special design that is used as an emblem or for signaling.
Usage example: a ship flying the queen's standard

Colors is a synonym for standard in flag topic. You can use "Colors" instead a noun "Standard".
Nearby Words: standardize, standardise, standardized, standardised, standardization
Synonyms for Standard

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  • Web Animation / Star Trek Redemption Custom Uniform: Drakus and Dark Reyf both have these, what appears to be a First Contact-style uniform but with a dark gray undershirt instead of one of the division colors from a standard uniform.
  • Non-Standard Character Design In Birth by Sleep, instead of getting a design in Nomura's normal style but with bigger feet and brighter colors, which is standard for the Final Fantasy cameos, Zack Fair's design is heavily influenced by the style used in Hercules, while still retaining a Final Fantasy style face and hair.
  • Video Game / Mari0 The six additional background colors following the standard three (Sky, Water, and Black) are based on the coat colors of the Mane Six.
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