Combination and Detachment


Combination noun - The act or an instance of joining two or more things into one.
Usage example: the combination of mint and chocolate in a delicious dessert

Detachment is an antonym for combination in topics: alliance, mixture.


Detachment noun - Lack of favoritism toward one side or another.

Combination is an antonym for detachment in topics: disconnection, aloofness, military troop.

Nearby Words: detached, detach, detaching, detachable

How words are described

pure pure combination pure detachment
special special combination special detachment
particular particular combination particular detachment
obvious obvious combination obvious detachment
Other adjectives: extreme, dangerous, new, random, weird, strange, bizarre.

Both words in one sentence

  • She seems to be a combination of a mild degree of Asperger's and an academic detachment from reality.
  • Video Game / Max Payne He gets really hard to read at the end of the third game due to a combination of mixed signals and an oddly surreal detachment from the action.
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