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Combination noun – A distinct entity formed by the combining of two or more different things.
Member is an antonym for combination.
Nearby Words: combine, combined, combining, combinative, combinatorial
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Member noun – One of the parts that make up a whole.
Usage example: you're only one member of this group effort

Combination is an antonym for member.
Nearby Word: membership
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Similar words of combination
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Similar words of member
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How words are described

human human combination human member
good good combination good member
best best combination best member
particular particular combination particular member
Other adjectives: certain, original, single, popular, powerful, actual, real, key, new, random, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Image Song There are literally dozens of versions of the original theme song, recorded by every possible cast member or combination of cast members.
    Source: Image Song
  • Visual Novel / Grisaia no Rakuen Instead, he is being used as a bargaining chip as the only surviving member of an experimental group designed to produce superior soldiers through a combination of conditioning and drugs.
  • A combination of a Salvation Army member confusing the children and a misplaced blasphemy by the criminal (Bates) leads the children to believe he is in fact Jesus Christ himself.
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