Come and Depart


Come verb - To move closer to.
Usage example: come here and sit by the fire

Depart is an antonym for come in topics: advance, go, extend, happen.

Nearby Words: coming, comer


Depart verb - To leave a place often for another.
Usage example: I'll sing one more song before I depart

Come is an antonym for depart in topics: leave, expected.

Nearby Words: departure, department, departing

Common collocations

life come life depart life
series come series depart series
world come world depart world
home come home depart home
Other words: bit, ship, water.

Both words in one sentence

  • Eventually, he had to abandon all that he used to love and depart to Valinor just to come into terms with his inner pain.
  • Literature / The Phantom Tollbooth Only Sane Man: After Rhyme and Reason depart, Chroma the Great remains to conduct the sky - but even he must sleep, and since Milo is in a hurry for the next day to come.... Our Demons Are Different: The demons here are the Demons of Ignorance - embodiments of every negative trait imaginable.
  • Injured by raptors and left out as bait for the other characters in a tree, when they realize it's a trap (mostly due to the raptors jumping the gun and attacking before anyone is even completely down) and don't come down, the raptors finish Udesky off and depart.
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