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Come verb – To take place.
Usage example: whatever may come we'll always be together

Follow is a synonym for come in go topic. In some cases you can use "Follow" instead a verb "Come", when it comes to topics like gain, happen, pass by.
Nearby Words: coming, comer
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Follow verb – To be the product or result.
Come is a synonym for follow in go topic. You can use "Come" instead a verb "Follow", if it concerns topics such as gain, pass by.
Nearby Words: following, follower, followed
Synonyms for Follow

Common collocations

character come character follow character
life come life follow life
dream come dream follow dream
series come series follow series
Other nouns: time, way, story, dreams.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Guild Wars You also get allies to follow you around in certain dungeons come Eye of the North, but they can thankfully die as many times as possible, and will come back whenever a room is cleared of enemies.
  • Video Game / TRON 2.0 Come with Me If You Want to Live: Mercury blasts her way out of the lightcycle arena and orders Jet to follow her.
  • Anime / Witch Hunter Robin Come with Me If You Want to Live: When the STN-J's headquarters is attacked and all but Robin are gunned down, Amon appears, grabs her arm, and says "follow me".
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