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Comely adjective – Very pleasing to look at.
Usage example: a brood of comely children that any parent would be proud to claim

Good-looking is a synonym for comely in beautiful topic. In some cases you can use "Good-looking" instead an adjective "Comely", when it comes to topics like attractive. popular alternative
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Good-looking adjective – Very pleasing to look at.
Usage example: she's a good-looking woman, regardless of her age

Comely is a synonym for good-looking in attractive topic. You can use "Comely" instead an adjective phrase "Good-looking", if it concerns topics such as handsome, beautiful. archaic substitute
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  • Good-Looking Privates: Keisha Stevenson, a supply clerk turned tank commander, is attractive enough for an angel to describe her as "comely", and her enormous breasts earned her the nickname "Hooters".
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