Comforting and Disturbing


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Comforting adjective – Making one feel good inside.
Usage example: the comforting smell of fresh bread

Disturbing is an antonym for comforting in topics: consoling, cheering.
Nearby Words: comfort, comfortable, comforted, comfortably, comforter
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Disturbing adjective – Causing worry or anxiety.
Usage example: a disturbing trend in the nation's energy consumption

Comforting is an antonym for disturbing in disquieting topic.
Nearby Words: disturb, disturbed, disturbance, disturbingly, disturber
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Things that words describes

part comforting part disturbing part
vision comforting vision disturbing vision
effect comforting effect disturbing effect
moment comforting moment disturbing moment
Other nouns: way, story, music, version, dreams.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Demon's Lexicon Humanoid Abomination: Some demons are fond of assuming human-like form, with just enough minute differences to make the effect disturbing rather than comforting.
  • Series / The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Grades have included "Chinese character tattoo at a strip mall", "Zoomed In Dick Pic" (courtesy of Jessica Williams), and "a Teletubby".Desi: Trump's claim is supposed to be comforting, but instead it comes off as really disturbing, so I give this a Teletubby.
  • Tear Jerker of a film The Notebook is based around the fact that people with dementia occasionally experience moments of clarity which can be comforting if slightly disturbing for the family.
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