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Comic noun – A person (as a writer) noted for or specializing in humor.
Usage example: a well-known TV comic

Joker is a synonym for comic in laughter topic. In some cases you can use "Joker" instead a noun "Comic", when it comes to topics like funny person. popular alternative
Nearby Words: comical, comicality, comically
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Joker noun – A person (as a writer) noted for or specializing in humor.
Usage example: he's the joker of the family, always making us laugh

Comic is a synonym for joker in humorist topic. You can use "Comic" instead a noun "Joker", if it concerns topics such as comedian, laughter, teases. popular alternative
Nearby Words: joke, joking, joked
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How words are described

old old comic old joker
good good comic good joker
complete complete comic complete joker
original original comic original joker
Other adjectives: real, little, bad, infamous, white, new, different.

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  • Comicbook / The Joker The Joker by Alex RossThe Joker is a fictional comic book character, a supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics as a member of Batman's Rogues Gallery.
  • Originally the comic was an out-of-continuity comic but it was made canon, and obviously the Joker didn't die, so the theory isn't canon but it still pops up frequently.
  • Comic Book / The Creeper Expy: The Creeper's resemblance to Batman foe The Joker (both have green hair, clownlike faces and maniacal laughter) first pointed out in an issue of the latter's own comic book in the 1970's (where the two fought) may have led to the character's reinterpretation as being insane.
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