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Comic adjective – Causing or intended to cause laughter.
Usage example: a comic monologue about his misadventures as a first-time camper

Ridiculous is a synonym for comic in humorous topic. In some cases you can use "Ridiculous" instead an adjective "Comic", when it comes to topics like laughter.
Nearby Words: comical, comicality, comically
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Ridiculous adjective – Causing or intended to cause laughter.
Usage example: a movie comedian who has perfected the ridiculous pratfall

Comic is a synonym for ridiculous in stupid topic. You can use "Comic" instead the word "Ridiculous" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as laughter.
Nearby Words: ridicule, ridiculed, ridiculousness, ridiculing, ridiculously
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Things that words describes

series comic series ridiculous series
scene comic scene ridiculous scene
example comic example ridiculous example
characters comic characters ridiculous characters
Other nouns: story, title, version, stories.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Trio However, he still comes up with some pretty awful plans, usually revolving around ridiculous disguises, while Igner is retarded and Larry even more spineless than most comic trios to compensate.
    Source: Comic Trio
  • Comic Strip / Bloom County A particularly ridiculous storyline was ended with Milo telling Opus that he was acting like a character in a bad comic strip.
  • Every year around Kwanzaa, the comic strip Curtis runs a two-week-long Story Arc that involves new, made-up characters doing absolutely ridiculous things supposedly based upon African folktales.
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