Companion and Mate


Companion noun - A person frequently seen in the company of another.
Usage example: the reckless companions of one's youth

Mate is a synonym for companion (British) in friend topic. In some cases you can use "Mate" instead a noun "Companion", when it comes to topics like complement, spouse, associate, comrade. informal substitute

Nearby Words: companionable, companionship, companioned


Mate noun - Either of a pair matched in one or more qualities.
Usage example: have you seen the mate to this glove anywhere?

Companion is a synonym for mate in friend topic. You can use "Companion" instead a noun "Mate", if it concerns topics such as partner, spouse, colleague, associate. popular alternative

Nearby Words: mated, mating, matey

How words are described

beloved beloved companion beloved mate
fellow fellow companion fellow mate
human human companion human mate
old old companion old mate
Other adjectives: good, female, best, perfect, current, true, dead, single, loyal, male, potential, main, young, new, permanent, possible, former, next, last, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Jungle Goddess Token Evil Team Mate: Bob is the villain but starts out as simply Mike's snarky, less virtuous friend, fellow pilot & companion.
  • Pygmalion Plot This woman is literally the "perfect mate" in that she is a powerful empath who, once she reaches full sexual maturity, will become the perfect mate for her companion.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night It still occasionally pops up as a ship mate if you ship Ash with a female companion besides Misty.
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