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Company noun – An organized group of stage performers.
Isolation is an antonym for company.
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Isolation noun – The state of being alone or kept apart from others.
Usage example: forced isolation always made the sociable child lonely

Company is an antonym for isolation.
Nearby Words: isolated, isolate, isolationism, isolationist, isolating
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Similar words of company
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Similar words of isolation
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How words are described

human human company human isolation
old old company old isolation
full full company full isolation
current current company current isolation
Other adjectives: small, actual, former, international, said.

Both words in one sentence

  • Crazy Cat Lady Inverted in Up, Charles Muntz is an explorer whose lived for years in isolation with only his dogs for company.
  • Crazy Cat Lady: Mentally fragile Lady Nichola who lives in isolation at Kettlethorpe with only a kitten for company.
  • Manga / Knights of Sidonia Nagate Tanikaze has lived in isolation in the bowels of the Sidonia his whole life, with only his recently deceased grandfather and Garde pilot simulator for company.
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