Competence and Expertise


Competence noun - The physical or mental power to do something.

Expertise is a synonym for competence in ability topic. In some cases you can use "Expertise" instead a noun "Competence", when it comes to topics like qualifications, capability, superior ability. popular alternative


Expertise noun - Knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something.

Competence is a synonym for expertise in skill topic. You can use "Competence" instead a noun "Expertise", if it concerns topics such as knowledge, qualifications, superior ability. popular alternative

Nearby Words: expert, expertised, expertising

How words are described

high high competence high expertise
physical physical competence physical expertise
usual usual competence usual expertise
instant instant competence instant expertise
Other adjectives: considerable, true, questionable, simple, actual, great, little, remarkable, new, professional, military, sudden, magical, medical, technical, tactical, newfound.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Pawn Stars He also shows occasional surprising flashes of expertise or competence when he actually puts his mind to something.
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