Competent and Weak


Competent adjective - Having the required skills for an acceptable level of performance.

Weak is an antonym for competent in inexperienced topic.


Weak adjective - Lacking bodily strength.
Usage example: the little boy was simply too weak to lift the box

Competent is an antonym for weak in topics: powerful, deficient.

Both words in one sentence

  • Still, even if Jack keeps winning, you'd think he would just send staggered waves of weak or competent enemies to tire and infuriate Jack before he delivers a finishing blow.
  • In still others, they'll actually not be weak or normal at all, and be one of the more competent fighters, but nowhere near what they'd be capable of without this self-imposed limitation.
  • Pesci from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 starts off as an incredibly weird-looking, cowardly sidekick to the more competent Prosciutto and has a seemingly weak Stand-ability as well.
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