Competitor and Partner


Competitor noun - One who strives for the same thing as another.
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Synonyms for Competitor

Partner is an antonym for competitor.


Partner noun - The person to whom another is married.

Competitor is an antonym for partner in accomplice topic.

Nearby Words: partnership, partnered, partnering

How words are described

good good competitor good partner
female female competitor female partner
regular regular competitor regular partner
single single competitor single partner
Other adjectives: powerful, active, actual, real, male, main, attractive, new, former, mysterious, primary, last, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Host Keith Lemon, in the episode following "Let's Dance for Comic Relief", in which he was a competitor with dancing partner Paddy Mc Guinness, opened the show saying that said partner got off with 'Roberta' Webb- only to discover 'she' had a 'tallywhacker'.
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