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Competitor noun – One who strives for the same thing as another.
Usage example: the competitors for this prestigious science award come from the best high schools in the country

Player is a synonym for competitor in sport topic. In some cases you can use "Player" instead a noun "Competitor", when it comes to topics like contestant, runner. popular alternative
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Player noun – A person who plays a musical instrument.
Competitor is a synonym for player in sport topic. You can use "Competitor" instead a noun "Player", if it concerns topics such as participant, person participating in sport, sportsman or sportswoman. popular alternative
Nearby Words: play, played, playing, playable
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How words are described

fellow fellow competitor fellow player
female female competitor female player
regular regular competitor regular player
top top competitor top player
Other adjectives: dead, single, powerful, active, actual, real, successful, main, decent, talented, new, professional, major, former, remaining, last, greatest, strongest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Baseball He has won 7 MVP awards, more than any other player (his closest competitor in this department has 3).
  • Video Game / WarioWare The Excuse Plot of D.I.Y establish that half of Wario's employees left him to work for a competitor named Diamond Software, which is why he hires the player as a game-creator.
  • The shared universe is not only an allusion in the first game - in several rooms the player can find projectors with slides explaining explicitly that Black Mesa is a (hated!) competitor of Aperture Science.
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