Complainer and Grumbler


Complainer noun - A person who makes frequent complaints usually about little things.
Usage example: she early on got a reputation as a complainer after finding fault with her work space
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Synonyms for Complainer

Grumbler is a synonym for complainer in happy topic. In some cases you can use "Grumbler" instead a noun "Complainer", when it comes to topics like ill-tempered person, dissenter, whiner. popular alternative


Grumbler noun - An irritable and complaining person.
Usage example: the motor coach tour would have been okay if I hadn't been paired up with a grumbler who whined through the whole thing
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Synonyms for Grumbler

Complainer is a synonym for grumbler in happy topic. You can use "Complainer" instead a noun "Grumbler", if it concerns topics such as ill-tempered person, grouch, dissenter. popular alternative

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  • Literature / Arsène Lupin Meaningful Name: The word "Grognard" has two meanings in French culture: it can mean "grumbler" or "complainer", but here it's meant to show he's one of the oldest and most faithful accomplices of Lupin's.
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