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Compliment verb – To express to (someone) admiration for his or her success or good fortune.
Hit is an antonym for compliment.
Nearby Words: complement, complimented, complimentary, complied, complimenting
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Hit verb – To deliver a blow to (someone or something) usually in a strong vigorous manner.
Compliment is an antonym for hit in strike topic.
Nearby Word: hitting
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How words are described

good good compliment good hit
high high compliment high hit
direct direct compliment direct hit
perfect perfect compliment perfect hit
Other adjectives: single, actual, real, big, great, enormous, huge, bad, decent, new, major, highest, greatest, runaway, attempted, biggest.

Common collocations

character compliment character hit character
woman compliment woman hit woman
status compliment status hit status
someone compliment someone hit someone
Other nouns: opponent, player, everyone, opponents, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Operation: Jealousy She did it because after a fight concerning Darnell's Porn Stash, Darnell claimed that he doesn't get jealous and that he takes it as a compliment when other men hit on Joy.
  • Comic Book / Galactus Combat Compliment: Usually only in the face of incredible power, like when he got hit by Darkseid's Omega Beams.
  • Once when Manabe gave her a embarrassing and rather forward compliment she punched him in the face through a bag of meat and Yuki looked onward calmly stating he told Manabe he'd be hit if he said that.
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